The best restaurants in Livigno

Ristorante Garden

Renowned Livigno establishment, located inside the famous Hotel Alpina, offers the finest Valtellinese and international dishes, excellent wines, and outstanding service.
Tel. +39 0342 996 007 -

Ristorante La Piö da

Typical restaurant in Livigno. Characteristic and rustic venue with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
Tel. +39 0342 997610

Ristorante Cassana

Located next to the well-known Hotel Cassana, it offers all the specialties of Valtellinese cuisine and a wide selection of international dishes. Excellent wines are also available. Suitable for social and group dinners, as well as for special occasions such as communions, confirmations, and baptisms.
Tel. +39 0342 99 65 65 -

Ristorante Il Cenacolo

Traditional cuisine and ample parking, group discounts and special offers. Authentic Valtellinese and Livigno dishes, meat and seafood specialties, wood-fired pizza, excellent wines
Tel. +39 0342 996728 - Fax. +39 0342 970 020 -

Ristorante Astoria

For an evening filled with good humor and delicious food, we recommend the Astoria restaurant-pizzeria directly connected to the hotel. You will find excellent cuisine, a casual atmosphere, a wide variety of menus, and efficient service. You will have the opportunity to choose from pizza, traditional Valtellinese dishes, homemade pasta, or high-quality meat, not to mention the renowned Chateaubriand served with traditional Bernese sauce. All accompanied by a good glass of wine from our selection of 200 labels. We also offer vegetarian, low-calorie, and special menus for dietary intolerances

Tel. +39 0342 996.663 -

Ristorante La Posa

La Pòsa is a gourmet typical restaurant located just a stone's throw away from the center of Livigno, where you can enjoy local dishes such as Pizzoccheri, Bresaola, Manfrigole, and Sciat for lunch or dinner. La Pòsa is the ideal place to spend a few hours in the center of Livigno, indulging in good food and good wine. All of this is enhanced by an elegant atmosphere and a rich wine list, with a special focus on the red wines of Valtellina. La Pòsa is known for its genuine cuisine, which starts with high-quality ingredients. Luca Galli and his team aim to use innovative techniques to enhance the flavors of our culinary tradition. Our knowledgeable and attentive staff is ready to meet the needs of our guests, including those with intolerances or specific dietary preferences. -
Tel. +39 0342 198 0031

Ristorante Amerikan

Local and Valtellinese cuisine, simple yet refined, offering excellent dishes and a good selection of wines. L'Amerikan is also a pizzeria, highly popular among the local clientele who not only enjoy the food but also appreciate the ambiance
Tel. +39 0342 99.20.11 -

Ristorante Pontiglia

Located within the well-known Hotel Pontiglia, it offers Valtellinese and Livigno cuisine, as well as national and international dishes. Specialties include venison and deer salami, grilled meats, platters of local cured meats, traditional Italian dishes such as polenta and buckwheat pizzoccheri. They have a generous wine selection. Suitable for social and group dinners, as well as for special occasions such as communions, confirmations, baptisms, coach tours, company events, and groups of motorcyclists or cyclists.- To inquire about menus and offers, please contact the management directly.
Tel. +39 0342 99 66 28
Fax. +39 0342 996672

Ristorante Bellavista

Always open kitchen: Game specialties, local traditional dishes. Pizzoccheri for gluten-free guests. Group discounts - Pizzeria with wood-fired oven.
Tel. +39 0342 997334 - Fax. +39 0342 970483

Ristorante Al Peršèf

Elegance and Gourmet Cuisine at Our Hotel with a Restaurant in Livigno Ristorante Al Peršéf is not just a simple restaurant, but the result of a strong passion that we have cultivated for years in the field of traditional cuisine and the experimentation of always new and creative recipes, to offer you an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Open to external guests as well, Al Peršéf will surprise you with its elegant and refined yet friendly and convivial atmosphere, where you can feel comfortable and enjoy delicious food with splendid views of the mountains. Our staff will accompany you through a delightful gourmet journey worth experiencing, providing impeccable but never impersonal service.
Tel. +39 0342 996665

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