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Livigno, the beautiful mountain resort for summer and winter tourism

has many faces.

There's tourist Livigno, for those who love the mountains; the snow in winter that never fails and the nature walks during the summer.

Livigno, the shopping paradise, for computers, smartphones, iPhones, Apple products, Apple watches, Samsung, cell phones, iPads, tablets, mobile devices, binoculars.

For photographic equipment: Canon, Nikon, Minolta, Leica, Zeiss.

For fashion brands, sugar, alcoholic beverages, chocolate, cigarettes, gasoline. - Livigno sometimes gets literally invaded (August holidays, New Year, various long weekends) by daily and commuter tourism, the quieter tourism, that of hotels, holiday apartments, and then there's Livigno of the Livigno people, of their way of life, traditions, industriousness, generosity, a Livigno that is best seen during periods of low tourism, late spring, and autumn.



Meteoblue: Swiss weather station for Livigno's weather forecast.

The Lombardy Weather Center station to check the temperatures in Livigno

It is located in Livigno - Palipert, the coldest area of the country.

All data is collected from a physical weather station rather than a satellite. Therefore, you may find significant differences between the data provided by various weather widgets on different websites, both Italian and Swiss. In particular, we display a widget from a Swiss weather forecasting website that shows the six-day weather forecast for the Livigno area, including satellite-detected temperature. This is because we believe, based on personal opinion, that due to the geographical formation and the unique position of the Livigno Valley, nestled between Switzerland and Italy outside of the Italian watershed, Swiss forecasts may be more accurate. However, for more specific data, the weather station of the Centro Meteo Lombardo in the town provides us with greater reliability.

We recommend the Meteo Switzerland App, which you can download for free from o , which, although it doesn't have the data for Livigno, provides information for many Swiss locations surrounding the town, such as Passo del Bernina, Zernez, and Passo del Forno. This allows you to deduce a lot about the weather conditions in the Swiss Grisons region, which practically surrounds Livigno.

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Livigno, nature, the town, , , tourism, , and many images of the town.

Livigno is incredibly beautiful, surrounded by nature, and wherever you look, you always experience a new emotion. The development of tourism has certainly changed it over the years, but its main characteristics have remained intact, and you can observe them immediately upon your arrival while descending from

From there, you can see and harmoniously winding along the main road for about nine kilometers. From a distance, especially at night, both in summer but particularly in winter, they remind you of the nativity scene that you always dreamt of setting up as a child.


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Legendary Trepalle, the highest parish in all of Europe, is legendary for its location, its people, and because it has always fascinated the traveler, even a certain Mr. Guareschi, they say... passed through there and drew inspiration for some of his famous stories.

Those who see Trepalle, not those who pass by quickly in a car, still see a village "out of this world" and wonder how the "trepallini" managed to live there in the past.


Tutte le immagini di Willy

Willy, the little Maltese dog

Willy is known for his numerous pictures with Livigno in the background, the town in Alta Valtellina, Lombardy, renowned as a summer and winter tourist destination, and published on multiple social media pages. However, here it's also a somewhat private portrait, with unpublished photos and some descriptions of his daily life.

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