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Hundreds of holiday apartments in Livigno and they offer availability all year round.

The extra hotel offer of Livigno is remarkable.

Many apartments of all types and prices

, some still located in old but renovated huts, others built in new houses between the nineties and the early years of the new century.
However, they are divided into many categories, from extra-luxury to common accommodation with one star, but in general they all offer adequate comfort combined with numerous services.
Through these pages you can visit the websites of each apartment rental and choose the best proposal. to receive a free quote for both summer and winter you can use

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For New Year's Eve or for other high season periods, in Livigno is difficult, but not impossible to find apartments still available of beds, the board call or write to all tourist facilities, not stopping at the first "there is no place for New Year" at the end, or for cancellations, or for other reasons related to the way of administering the "booking" you will have, by insisting, the possibility to find accommodation and your chances will increase if you book for at least a week / ten days.
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